Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Relaunching the 10,000 swing challenge - with prizes!

Crushers Family,

The one activity the boys all enjoy but we just don't get enough time for during practice is hitting. It is also one of those very skill specific activities that you can only improve at by doing it more. So it is no surprise that many of you spend off-days at batting cages and getting extra instruction and it shows. So I am relaunching the 10,000 swing challenge which some of you participated in previously and plan to augment it with recognition and prizes at certain milestones. This time it will be for Crushers only.

Submit Swings @: http://bit.ly/submitswings

It is easy to add a shortcut on your phone to submit on the go...let me know if you need help.

Comment below with suggestions for prizes for things like:

  • First to 500 swings
  • First to 1,000 swings
  • First to 2,500 swings
  • First to 5,000 swings
  • First to 10,000 swings

Smaller prizes, pins, patches for everyone as they reach those milestones?...T-shirts? Remember...all swings count, including; soft toss, tee work, machine and live pitch.

I also hope the boys will be regularly doing thier arm excercises and tracking those as well @ http://bit.ly/CrushersLog This is important to help them avoid injury!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Catch should be more than a warm-up

Remember - when the kids are playing catch, they are either developing good habits or more deeply ingraining bad habits...one or the other. The first 10-15 minutes of practice are probably the most important but unfortunately they are usually the least organized, least productive. Make a plan - does not have to be this routine but you should have some structured, repeatable plan to be used at each and every practice and before long the kids can do it on their own....well with limited prompting...maybe limited yelling anyway. This is also a good "catch" routine to get ready for Spring.

Is it Spring yet?

Friday, October 19, 2012

Rainy Days and Winter...

With today being a fairly dismal day so far and winter fast approaching, it is a good time to think about things you can do in the confines of our small Capitol Hill homes to improve. Many of these drills are boring and repetitive but can be done in front of the TV or even in the back seat of a car on a long holiday trip to see relatives.

Today we'll focus on the ball transfer from glove to hand and into the standard four seam grip. We should be reinforcing in the kids a need to at all times throw with a standard four seam grip. The ability to quickly and consistently get the ball from the glove to the throwing hand and into a four seam grip is critical to their development. Unfortunately this is a skill that is not being reinforced for many kids and leads to less accurate throwing.

This can be down while seated or for a variation lying on your back. 
  1. Throw the ball up if lying or just from hand to glove if seated and catch it with your glove.
  2. Transfer the ball quickly to the throwing hand.
  3. As quickly as possible, get a four seam grip on the ball without looking at it.(Check yourself each time)
  4. Repeat over and over again to develop muscle memory in your hands for getting a four seam grip.
If you have any bad weather drills you do at home add a comment below and we can cover it in a later post.